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What Does SiteBuilderGold Do?

SiteBuilderGold is a unique online web site building system enabling you to build you own website in minutes just by clicking a few buttons. You can create new pages, add page content, upload your own images and sell products online (Gold Package). You can even create your own Flash intros if required (Silver & Gold Packages).

Once built you can upload your site to the hosting provided or to your own hosting if you have it.

How Many Designs Can I Choose From ?
Because each design comes in different colours and with different graphic and menu options you have over 10,000 different combinations available to you.

How Many Pages Can My Site Contain?
Up to 70, depending on the package chosen

Do I Need Any Special Web Design Skills?
No. With SiteBuilderGold you simply click on the features your want, select colours, images, type in text, etc.

What Do I Need To Provide?

Hosting is included (unless you choose to publish to your own hosting) so all you need is a domain name. If you already have one, simply forward it to the address we give you when your account is set up. Alternatively you can just use the address we give you, saving you more money.

How Do I Choose To Publish To My Own Hosting ?
When you sign up for a full account you have the facility to input your own hosting FTP details and therefore publish the site to your own web space.

Why Don't You Provide A Domain Name?
Most people who use our service already have their own domain name registered. In addition, we feel its wise practice for you to retain full control over your own domain name and email accounts so you are free to administer them in any way you choose.

How Often Can I Update My Site?
As often as you like, there are no usage restrictions.

Can I Operate A Pornographic Site?
No. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

What If I Want To Change My Site Design Completely?
Easy. Even when your site is full of content simply choose a new design from the 1000's available and your whole site will de transformed to the new design - no need to re-input your content.

Can I Sell Things Through My Site And Take Online Payments?
Yes, if you select our Gold E-commerce package.

Can I Specify What Meta Tags Go In My Site?
Certainly. Unlike most other online website builders, SiteBuilderGold allows you to insert different Meta Tags on each page - essential for search engines.

How Long Do I Need To Sign Up For?
You simply pay monthly in advance and you can cancel at any time.

Can I Try The Service For Free First?
Of course . Try our 14 Day FREE TRIAL

Can I Host The Site On My Own Servers?

No. All sites are hosted on our servers and hosting is included in the price, we have no hidden charges.

What Happens To My Site If I Cancel?

If you use our hosting, when your account is terminated your web space will be closed and your site will be unavailable. If you use your own hosting, your site will still be available but you not be able to make any future alterations using SiteBuilderGold.

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